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Why settle on a six-hour slideshow when you can have the power of learning in your hands?

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You decide what you learn, when you learn it, how you use it, and what you share with your colleagues.

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You decide when the time is right for you to learn. Whether you’re a night owl or an early bird, we are here for you 24/7

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Test ideas for yourself and let your colleagues know what works for you


Getting consistent feedback over time is the best way to improve your understanding and skill

Start Learning!

You know effective learning when you see it. Learning looks very different from sitting still and being taught. Instead of getting trapped in another six-hour meeting with slide shows, every member of your OSLN community has the space, time, and encouragement to step right up and engage. We all learn best when we care enough to get off our butts and do something about it. When we are actively engaged, we get in a zone that taps into our amazing capacity for growth. Friends don’t let friends sit through lectures or slide presentations. So get started. Ask a question. Try something new. Write. Go for a walk. Take a picture and post it. You are no longer settling for being taught — now you’re LEARNING.

What people say about us

We here at the Open-Source Learning Network thrive on your success, and we absolutely love it when you share feedback that shows your passion and intensity!

It is because of your vision that I was inspired to take risks and transform learning for my own students and myself.  This has made all the difference.

Joe Inverso

Parent & Educator

This is the future of education.

Bringing colleagues online from around the world took the promise of learning from ideal to real.

This is OSLN!


True Community


Constant Feedback


Custom Fit


Always On


Shared Reality


Provable Progress

Meet the Team

OSLN founders David Preston and Dan Bennett have decades of experience in helping people learn better together.

David created the Open-Source Learning model through his experience as a management consultant, university professor, and high school teacher.

Dan is a seasoned video production professional and online community builder who helps entrepreneurs of all ages bring their stories to the screen.

Contrary to popular belief, neither David nor Dan competed in the decathlon at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics.

David Preston

Open-Source Learning – Founder

Dan Bennett

Open-Source Learning Network – Co-Founder

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We Learn Best When We Care.
When Actively Engage, We Get in the ZONE.

We have an amazing capacity for growth — it’s what we do best! But growth requires action. Classroom-style lectures and workshops don’t support transformation. That’s why David broke the mold and developed Open-Source Learning. For nearly 20 years K-12 students and educators have been using OSL to create interdisciplinary, online learning journeys that are both personally fulfilling and professionally rewarding. I’m excited to share this opportunity so more educators can level up their skills, build their networks, and share their expertise!

Dan Bennett – Open Source Learning Network


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Frequently asked questions

When we share the Open-Source Learning Network with people, these are the questions we hear the most.

What is Open-Source Learning?

Open-Source Learning is a philosophy of education for the Digital Age. In their day, education frameworks such as Waldorf, Montessori, and Reggio Emilia met the evolving needs of learners. Today’s challenges and opportunities demand more. When David Preston started using the public internet to teach high school courses nearly 20 years ago, people freaked out. Putting students online was considered such a novelty that journalists asked him if he was afraid of getting fired. Instead, he introduced learners to virtual networks and online communities where they could collaborate, learn from experts, and curate their own learning journeys in ways that created immediate value.

What makes this different from any other Professional Development training?

Everything. For starters, there isn’t a line at the gym to sign an attendance sheet and waste all day sitting in a folding chair and watching someone else’s slide presentation. You choose the content. You choose when and where you learn. You choose how you want to participate. And you document your progress in ways that contribute to your community. Learning happens over time, so you’ll have access to the Open-Source Learning Network community for as long as you want to exchange experiences and ideas with a tribe of fellow mentors and doers.

How do we know if OSLN is a good fit for our learning community?

As a first step, ask yourself: Are we ready to stop checking boxes and start transforming the way we do Professional Development? If you’d like to get more specific guidance, take The OSLN Readiness Survey or schedule a Discovery Meeting.


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