Welcome to Open-Source Learning (OSL) at Dent!

OSL is a lens through which we can view every experience as an opportunity to create value by curating our thinking where our community can see it.

Imagine: the next speaker is Dent-level amazing. You walk out with a headful of ideas and questions. In that moment two things are happening:


1.) Your brain is processing new information; and

2.) Your memory of the presentation is already fading. You may have your greatest insight hours later, and by that time your experience will be flavored by your experience expertise. Share it. Instead of trying to remember this conference as a dream, together we can curate the ideas we get at Dent, apply them, and maybe even export them for maximal impact after we leave Santa Fe.

On the Dent/OSL community, you can share your writing, files, images, and videos to help tell your story. AND you can share impressions and start conversations with every other Denter who connects. Here’s how to start:

If you missed the Open-Source Learning workshop on Sunday and you’d like more background, feel free to DM David Preston or catch him at the conference. David will also be signing copies of ACADEMY OF ONE  on Tuesday, 9/12 from noon – 1:30 outside the New Mexico Room at La Fonda. If you see this after we’ve all left Santa Fe, you can schedule a conversation with David by booking a time on his calendar here.

OSLN Community Signup: Walkthrough Video